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Boy, I don't even know where to start! We want to thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so special! You really helped to make our day fun and exciting! We had a great time! You have a wonderful personality and are very creative! Tony even enjoyed taking pictures and he normally hates it, He loves how they turned out! Everytime we look at the pictures it brings back all of the memories. You really captured the essence and beauty of a bride and groom and the love they feel for each other! Thanks again it's been a pleasure!
  -- Wendy and Tony
We cannot even begin to thank you for the unbelievable service that you provided for our wedding. We had so much fun working with you that day ,as did our families and bridal party. When I saw the pictures for the first time they absolutely took my breath away. I have had more compliments on our photos and our photographer than you would even believe. You captured our wedding day in every ounce of it's beauty and have provided us with a treasure that we will cherish for a lifetime. Your talent and your vision is unlike anything that I have ever seen and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with us in such a beautiful and creative way.
  -- Jesse and Abby
THANK YOU !!! You have done an unbelievable job on all the photographs you took. After I saw the video slide show on line I called my Dad crying and told him to get to a computer to look at the pictures because they are none other than PERFECT. I'm referring everyone to you-it's worth every dollar you spend and more. You are a personable guy and you just fit in with everyone. I received lots of compliments on you and my phone dosen't stop ringing, everyone loves the photos. I have a passion for pictures and I couldn't be happier
  -- Becky and John
Thank you for such an amazing job performed at our wedding! The photographs are absolutely beautiful! Your work is astounding and we could not thank you enough for this. We could only hope that others can have a photographer as creative and brilliant as you are!
  -- Matt and Anna
We want to thank you for the beautiful job done at our wedding. It has been really fun working with you and the results are fabulous. We just thank you for such a total wonderful experience!
  -- Abbie and Ryan
Thank you so much for the most amazing wedding album. On a daily basis we get comments on how amazing our pictures are. Thank you again for your professionalism and amazing talent!
  -- Megan and Josh
Thank you for all you have done for us.We love you and your staff. You made my wedding even more wonderful than I could have ever dreamed!
  -- Julie and Johnny
We want to thank you so very much for taking our wedding pictures! They are a gift we will always treasure. You did such a beautiful job! We can't thank you enough!
  -- Mary and Kevin
Thank you so much for doing such a great job at our wedding, you were a joy to work with and the photographs were absolutely stunning. We were beyond amazed with your unique style-it was exactly what we were looking for!
  -- Jack and Pam
Thank you for capturing our wedding day so well! You're extremely patient and helpful, which made things a lot easier on us.
  -- Dan and Jeanne
From our engagement photo session to the wedding, you were true professionals. We're even more pleased with our wedding album.
  -- Christie
Thank you for listening to what was important to us and to what we wanted captured that day. Thanks for all your professional input, it all shows in the photographs and album.
  -- Rhonda and Ray
Wow, what a day! We wanted to thank you for your time and patience, it was a wonderful experience! You have a way of making us feel comfortable while maintaining your professionalism. We enjoyed every minute of our wedding day and are thankful that we chose you to help capture the memories!
  -- Maribeth and Jason
You have been a pleasure to work with! Thank you.
  -- Jeff and Carrie
We just wanted to say thank you again for all the wonderful work you did on our photography. We absolutely love our album and we have also received many compliments on it. Also thank you for working so well with our family and bridal party! You were a lot of fun! Thanks again!
  -- Jen and Paul
Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, IL Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, ILt Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, IL
Photography by Fender and Donisch
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Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, ILt Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, IL