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To help us know what type of portrait you're looking for we schedule a portrait consulation. It's a short appointment where you'll be able to look at samples, discuss location of the Photographs and style.

These are general guidelines for all types of portraits.
In any portrait, the faces are the most important part of the Photograph. The proper clothing will greatly enhance the finished Photographs. We recommend the following clothing suggestions:
  • Solid colors are highly recommended. Outdoor sessions should try to avoid white. Indoor and outdoor sessions should try to avoid red and yellow. Earth tones Photograph best.
  • Avoid any bright stripes or patterns.
  • Coordinate colors, keeping everyone in the same color/shade. One person should not stand out too much from the rest of the group.
  • We recommend long sleeves, the less skin that is showing, the better.
  • If being Photographed indoors, choose either high key (wearing all white with a white background), or low key (wearing medium to dark tones with a dark background, an example would be dark jeans with black turtlenecks).
  • Keep in mind it is very possible the portrait will be full length. Shoes and socks will show. They should also match the outfits.
  • We recommend laying the clothing out on a couch to make sure one article does not stand out too much from the rest. To take this one step further, lay the clothing in the room where the portrait is going to be displayed. This will let you see how the finished portrait will look in your home. We suggest the colors selected for your clothing to match the colors in the room that the portrait will be displayed in to lend a very custom look to the Photograph.

For pregnancy portraits we can go several different ways.
In general most women choose white clothing.

Some women wear their husbands dress shirts and pants that are a light color. This is great because we can unbutton the shirt and expose the belly in some of the poses.

Another popular choice are a long nightgown, and large pieces of material draped around them.

We also Photograph many women with large pieces of material draped around them. This also allows the stomach to show.

Wedding Day Portraits:
Of course your clothing is pre-determined. We suggest that the bride, groom and entire bridal party bring a pair of sunglasses for the portraits before and after the wedding. We will do some very contemporary black and white poses with the sunglasses along with the traditional color portraits.

If you want Photographs of the bride getting ready please let the Photographer know prior to the wedding date. Having these Photographs will depend on timing and location of other portraits. Your Photographer will help you.

If you have a particular style of Photography you like, please let the Photographer know as soon as possible before your wedding. Some brides send us tear sheets from magazines. This is very helpful.

If you just want what you saw at the consultation it is OK to just let us handle the posing.

You may want to bring your car, musical instrument, hobby, hat, sunglasses, etc. This will make your portraits more uniquely you. We would be happy to Photograph seniors with one or both of their parents at no additional charge. You may also include a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend for $15.00.

You may bring as many outfits as you would like. The Photographer will help with clothing selections. The session includes 2 outfits. If you would like additional outfits, there is a $10 clothing change charge. The following are guidelines for outfits. Solid colors photograph best. We recommend one outfit to be a light color and the other outfit to be dark in color. Don't wear anything too trendy; this would date the photographs.The session will include some full-length poses, so bring complete outfits. Please arrive 15 minutes early. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late chances are we will have to reschedule your appointment. Make-up and hair should be as you would normally wear them.

Prepayment for your portrait session is required when scheduling the appointment. The session fee does not apply towards your portrait order. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, please give the studio 48 hours notice. If a 48 notice is not given, your credit card will be billed a non -refundable $150 for the studio's time. Your prior prepaid session fee may be applied to your next scheduled portrait session appointment.
Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, IL Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, ILt Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, IL
Photography by Fender and Donisch
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Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, ILt Photography by Fender and Donisch, wedding photography in Lisle, IL